Why Pooling is BETTER Than Traditional Poker

Why Pooling is BETTER Than Traditional Poker

Why would you pool your money with everyone else in the group? A friend recently mentioned the game fish hooked up with his cousins. That’s how he explains it, but the fact is it is a much BETTER game then standard poker, yet people still want to play regular poker. When I mention this to people I usually get 3 or 4 eyes about why everyone pays him outs for “the Panen138“. The fact is if you look at the statistics of how much money you are dedicating to this game, you will find the odds the casinos pay out are significantly higher then if you were playing straight poker.

Let’s take this game as an example, the standard game of poker has $10 at the end of the hand. That is $10-$5 ($5 winning hand and $5 ante hand). Now you can have as many people pay you out as much as you want for the ante, but if you have less then 5 people, the ante pays out LESS than the dollar for each hand. If there are 6 players in the group, the ante pay out is $5 for each hand. The odds are the casino will pay you $8 for each hand. The casino makes 2.5$ profit for each hand over time, no matter what the pay out is. That profit is higher if there are more people playing each hand.

Pooling your money with others in a team is a lot smarter then doing it on your own. If you have a group of friends and they are all pooling their money together, you have a great way to bolster your money way above what you would typically do. If you played in a syndicate, you could say in 20 hands each you could have won the $50. If you played in a normal syndicate, you would need to have $500 each to be able to bet $5 each, that’s $1,000 if you only win one hand. This cuts into your profits by 50%, you win the house fee, and the more hands you play, the more the casino makes from you.

The house doesn’t want you to know this info….the house needs to stay soft so they can earn their money. When you pool your money with others, the money that goes into the pool depends on the overhead involved. It could be several entrances and some extra workers. It also depends on how much you each people pays in rake, the price of the drinks, the tips, and of course the food. A pool is a deal between you and your pool members. You take in $5, half the members of your pool pay $1 to the pool, and the remaining $10 is split equally between the members of the pool.

It sounds like a no brainer to pool with friends, but it’s better to pool with people you know who can afford $5, especially if they live near where you are playing. The only problem with pooling with family is that you’ll have to make sure everyone gets along with each other. You don’t want a family squabbling over money, that’s going to get ugly when it’s time to split the winnings. If you do that, it will ruin the fun of pooling with family and friends.

The last tip for playing pool is to make sure you research birthplace of your pool. Finding a name that means something good usually means a lot of money. If you are in need of artwork for your pool, consider finding a professional whosefee you are upfront with for a large piece. Money is not everything, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Playing pool can be a lot of fun, and even if you lose, it’s a fun way to connect with other people. If you are interested in more information on pool playing tips and tricks, reach for your favorite magazine and look for articles on the dangers of pooling and ways to make sure you’re not scammed. If you can find a good pool playing guide, you will have no problems playing pool with your friends and family!