Poker – Odds and Outs


If you ever wondered what are your odds for hitting your monster hand on the next card or is it profitable to call the raise your opponent made, we will try to answer it in this article. To answer this question we will have to look at outs, odds and pot odds. First, a quick definition of this terms (Note: a monster hand is a very strong hand!):

Outs – Counting the Cards that can Help you Win the Hand

Let’s say you have a pocket Q and you are in middle position. slot gacor There were 5 people in the hand and the flop came out: Q-A-4-5. You now have an open ended straight draw, since the odds are 5 to 1 you can hit your straight.

However, you have a big raise behind you which makes your opponent think twice about calling you. If you hit your straight there is a good chance that you will win the hand, so you want to increase your number of outs to 4. In other words, your outs can help you win the hand or at least lose the hand to an opponent.

Odds – Counting the Odds

We’ll start by counting our odds. The odds of hitting your straight on the next card are 5 to 1. Since your hand is strong we have to subtract this odds to we have a we have to call.

So we have a 5 to 1 chance of hitting our straight on the next card. Since your hand is strong we have to subtract this odds to we have a we have to call.

We now have a 12 to 1 chance of winning the hand. Since your hand is not that strong we have to add this odds to our number of outs. In our example you have 2 outs.

Counting the Outs

Counting the outs is very simple. Start by counting your outs. Outs are the cards you need to make a hand. Look at the previous example: we needed a 10 to complete our straight so we have 4 outs. In the example above we had 5 cards in total, however we did not have an out when we did it (we had an 8 and a Jack). This is where we need to count our outs. Start by making a mental chart for how many cards you need.

When you get dealt a new hand, look at the cards you have and how far away from making your hand you are. For example, you have 10 and Jack of hearts in spades. Look at the chart. You have a total of 9 outs. (10+J+Q+K+A)

Add your number of outs and the number of cards you need to make your hand to the next total. For our example you need to add your 2 outs. Your new total is 17. You have a little more than a 17% chance of getting your straight on the next card.

Calculate your pot odds and compare your hand odds to your pot odds. You should be close, however, you may not be able to call a bet big enough to make your hand. In this case you should call the bet, but you can’t raise enough to make your flush.

What should you do if you have a gutshot straight draw? Simple, check the next card. You have the option to check because you can afford it, or you can bet if your heart is bleeding. If you bet out you should bet 3 to 4 times the amount of the pot. This way you will force out the opponents much before they can get a free card.

Another possible situation for you is when you have the nuts and on the river you have the nuts. Ensure you position before deciding to shove.


Only you can decide if you will use any of the mentioned strategies. You have to try them all out and see which one works best for you. Develop your own style over time.