A Loose Aggressive Hold Em Poker Tournament Strategy That Works!

A Loose Aggressive Hold Em Poker Tournament Strategy That Works!

Not every loose aggressive Hold Em Poker tournament strategy will win you 1st place. It sucks, huh? Well read this article for one that works!

An Easy To Implement Loose Aggressive Hold Em Poker Tournament Strategy In 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Take Advantage Of Tight Players And Speed Your Way To A Win

Most players in tournaments play tight. This gets more true the higher the buy in for the tournament but then there is a tipping point where the most expensive tournaments end up being filled with a variety of players (most often good). You want to take advantage of these tight players.

The easiest way to take advantage of them is to loosen up and bet aggressively. Odds dictate you will come out ahead because they just will not get dealt enough good cards to win. Getting some of these players chips (in the form of blinds or pure wins) is important to win the tournament. The goal is to take advantage of these players as soon as you can.

  1. Get A Big Stack ASAP To Make Winning The Tournament A Breeze

You need to get ahead of the game ASAP. Most players are scared of losing all their chips and being out of the tournament so this is why they play tight. The problem is tight players don’t win tournaments. Their fear keeps them stuck and they don’t increase their stack fast enough to keep up with blind increases. Later in the game they starve to death.

If you can get ahead early on you will be in a better position to win. You will have a bigger stack to do more damage with. You can enter more pots without worrying and also bully. You will have more wiggle room as the tournament continues and this will indeed be your saving grace. If you can get a bigger stack early on it is easier to keep it, to cruise-control and stay ahead of everyone else.

  1. Maintain Your Robustness To Garrison Yourself From Becoming Prey

Its important to maintain robustness so you can never be put on hand. Pre-flop rags are easiest to exploit and you want to be doing this as early as possible. Throwing chips at little cheap shots is a quick way to deplete your stack and not be able to comeback. Keep your game solid and you will never go too far out of position.

The biggest mistake inexperienced players make is becoming too tight and not allowing themselves the margin of error when they hit bad. They tighten up too much and other players will take advantage. This is especially true in tournaments. The goal should be playing aggressive but with causes and effects and not only with purpose.

If you only play good hands, you will not win tournaments. If you play too tight and other players bully you and steal your blinds, you will not win tournaments. Maintain robustness, which means being able to play a lot of poker hands, including marginal hands, and you will win tournaments. Don’t be too eager though, because it takes a lot of skill to play well in tournaments with marginal hands. You will also want to develop a strong understanding of the style of play used by your opponents so you can adapt your style of play to be more unpredictable and less predictable to other players.

In No Limit Cash Games, you don’t want to be predictable, but rather want other players to be unpredictable. You are looking to be the unreaditable player pitting your wits against other players. When you play quality cards, raise and gamble confidently. Don’t always FIY your hands, which is common in low limit games. Sometimes throwing your cards away will allow you to survive and hit pay dirt when you do hit a hand.

Dewabet games are entirely different from tournament play. When you lose a big pot, you don’t have the same emotional rollercoaster that you do in a tournament. When you make a big mistake, you can consequence your stack dramatically. It is important to never let yourself become emotionally involved, because otherwise you will just be another player in a sea of mostly inexperienced players.

Unlike tournaments, you cannot reload your chips as much when you lose a big hand. Once you lose a hand, you are done. Even if you make a small raise, you cannot get a big re-raise off the table. So, you really have to be patient. Hit a hand, and don’t try and play for stacks. It will eat into your stack eventually, when it will still be there. Be patient.

Hitting big hands is just a lucky play, not a skill that takes a lot of time to learn. The odds are against you.BUT, you don’t necessarily have to make the biggest flops to win. Sometimes going for the win without hitting the flop won’t work.